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Magento Horror Stories & How to Avoid Them.

17 May 23
By Chris Carroll
MD of MGC Agency

Magento is a popular eCommerce platform that many businesses worldwide rely on. However, as with any business, they may face risks and issues if the platform is not used correctly or precautions are not taken. If not addressed, these can cause problems for a site.

Magento sites may encounter issues, but we will advise on how to avoid them below.


Horror Story 1: Poor Performance
One of the most common issues that Magento sites face is poor performance. Customers may become irritated due to slow page loading times and site crashes, resulting in a loss of sales. Poor performance is usually caused by an overloaded server or poorly optimised code.

To avoid performance issues, you should invest in a robust hosting solution designed to handle the demands of a Magento eCommerce site. Dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and content delivery networks (CDN) are examples of such services. To ensure the smooth operation of their site, businesses should work with Magento developers with code optimisation experience.


Horror Story 2: Security Breaches
Security breaches are a significant issue for many Magento sites. This is a primary concern as hackers and cybercriminals look for flaws in eCommerce sites like Magento. If this happens, it can lead to customer data leaks, compromised payment information, and reputational damage for the company.

Businesses must ensure the security of their website and take protection seriously. SSL encryptions, regular Magento installation updates, and contacting security experts to find and address vulnerabilities are all ways to help keep their site secure. They should also monitor their site for suspicious activity and address potential breaches immediately.


Horror Story 3: Lack of Customisation
Magento offers an extensive range of customisations businesses can implement on their site to make it unique and stand out. However, if companies do not use this, they will lack features and not appeal to their target audience.

To avoid their site lacking customisation, they should collaborate with those with Magento development experience (such as MGC Agency), who can design bespoke modules and themes tailored to your business. Businesses should take advantage of the numerous extensions that offer additional functionality and customisation options.


Horror Story 4: Poor User Experience
Customers visiting websites value user experience greatly because it directly influences whether they stay or leave. Things that harm user experience include unclear navigation, a complicated checkout system, and slow page loading times.

Businesses can avoid this issue by investing in user experience design to optimise their website for easy navigation and a simple checkout process. They should monitor their site regularly to ensure that problems are dealt with quickly and that their customers have a pleasant experience.


Horror Story 5: Not Optimised for Mobile Phones
Since we live in the digital age, businesses should only allow their websites on desktops and laptops. Websites should be accessible via mobile phones and tablets. Companies that fail to optimise for mobile phones will lose potential customers and sales.

To avoid customers avoiding their site due to a lack of mobile phone optimisation, they should contact Magento developers, who can optimise their site so that users can easily visit it on mobile phones. The more places users can visit sites, the more visibility and sales opportunities there are.

By following the sites listed above, your site will be able to attract more customers, appeal to its target audience, and increase sales quickly. Businesses can avoid horror stories that dissatisfy customers and cause them to take their business elsewhere by improving security, customisation, and user experience. Magento can be an excellent platform for companies to rely on and an effective tool for increasing sales and growing a business.

Do you have issues with your Magento site that feel like a horror story? Don’t be concerned; MGC Agency can assist you! With over 20 years of experience, we have seen our fair share of issues and problems with client Magento sites, but no pain is impossible if addressed promptly. Contact us right away to set up a free consultation!



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