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4.9 out of 5


Expanded Metal Company – Magento eCommerce

Ian Hutchinson - Commercial Manager

MGC successfully delivered a content rich and fully featured Magento e-commerce website which catered to our specific needs including seamless integration with our ERP system. Chris and his team have continued to support us with various ongoing development across our platform. They have remained proactive throughout the development with improvement suggestions and remain extremely reactive to our support requests.



MGC came to the rescue of Expanded Metal Company after dealing with over a year of frustrating issues with their Magento e-commerce platform. The client needed help with integrating their website with the Magento ordering system. Our dedicated team quickly identified and addressed the problems, implementing a comprehensive solution. By optimising and streamlining the Magento e-commerce platform, we seamlessly linked it with the ordering system, providing Expanded Metal with much-needed relief. Our commitment to resolving their frustrations and ensuring smooth operations has revitalised their e-commerce experience, setting them on the path to success.


Expanded Metal Company


Magento eCommerce




Swiftly resolved Expanded Metal's year-long frustration by optimising their Magento e-commerce platform and seamlessly linking it with the ordering system, providing them with a much-needed solution and ongoing support.

Impressive Response Rate: Resolving Client Issues with Efficiency.

We take pride in our exceptional response rate when it comes to resolving client issues with efficiency.
Here is one of our latest client problems resolved:

The client reported a problem with their e-commerce.

Our support team response.

Response Time
26 minutes

Issue Resolved

Response to client

Total time from the problem being reported to being resolved.
5 Hours, 47 minutes

We provide ongoing technical support and drive new development initiatives for the Expanded Metal Company, ensuring their e-commerce platform remains robust and continually evolves to meet their needs.

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Getting the eCommerce right

MGC and Expanded Metal worked together closely to transform the latter’s existing Magento e-commerce platform. We addressed the existing issues and improved the website’s functionality to meet the company’s evolving needs. After this crucial phase, we used the existing structure to embark on a comprehensive website redesign. Through careful planning and creative innovation, we gave the website a new lease of life by ensuring it functioned seamlessly and conveyed the brand’s essence effectively. Our partnership with Expanded Metal not only resolved their challenges but also positioned them for a more dynamic and prosperous online future.


Ongoing Support

We take pride in our continued support of the Expanded Metal Company by providing our expertise in addressing any technical challenges they may encounter. Our team is dedicated to delivering swift and effective solutions that ensure the seamless operation of their e-commerce platform. Moreover, we are actively collaborating on new development initiatives, working closely together to innovate and implement enhancements that will further enhance their online presence and business objectives. At MGC, our partnership with the Expanded Metal Company is rooted in our firm commitment to their success, both in terms of technical support and the pursuit of new opportunities.

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