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4.9 out of 5


Projected Image – Magento eCommerce

Cameron Melville - Manufacturing Lead at Projected Image

It is a great decision to choose MGC to address our Magento eCommerce security concerns, site bugs, quotation errors, and hosting relocation. Their meticulous approach and technical expertise resolved our pressing issues and strengthened our online presence. They were fully committed to our project, and the results speak for themselves. We highly recommend their services to anyone seeking comprehensive Magento support and expertise.


The Problem

Projected Image faced a unique challenge when the agency that initially built the website could no ,longer support its ongoing development. To compound matters, the hosting infrastructure had fallen victim to a malicious hack, necessitating immediate technical intervention. Project Image required technical assistance on several function failings and ongoing support and assistance.


Projected Image


Magento eCommerce




Magento eCommerce Security Issues, Site Bugs, Quotation Errors, and Hosting Relocation

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The client reported a problem with their e-commerce.

Our support team response.

Response Time
15 minutes

Issue Resolved

Response to client

Total time from the problem being reported to being resolved.
2 Hours, 27 minutes

Another agency built Project Image eCommerce, MGC fixed and now support.

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The fustration

Projected Image faced critical challenges, including Magento eCommerce security vulnerabilities, site bugs affecting user experience, quotation errors, and the need for hosting relocation. These issues posed a significant risk to the company’s online presence and customer satisfaction. Recognising the urgency and importance of these challenges, Projected Image embarked on a strategic journey to address these concerns comprehensively. The goal was to enhance security, streamline the website’s functionality, resolve quotation errors, and optimise hosting for a more reliable and efficient online platform.


The Resolution and ongoing Support

MGC’s takeover of an existing Magento e-commerce website was a transformative journey that addressed persistent issues that had plagued the platform for months. The challenges included security vulnerabilities, site bugs, quotation errors, and the need for hosting relocation. To tackle these issues, MGC initiated a comprehensive strategy, starting with a rigorous security audit to identify and rectify vulnerabilities. They implemented SSL encryption and ensured regular security scans to enhance security.

Next, MGC focused on improving the user experience by redesigning the website layout in a user-centric way, which made it more intuitive and appealing. They also debugged the quotation errors and enhanced the admin panel for efficient management. Finally, MGC orchestrated a seamless hosting relocation to improve site performance and reliability.

Through expert planning and collaboration, MGC successfully turned these obstacles into opportunities for growth, resulting in enhanced security, improved user experience, efficient admin management, and a thriving e-commerce platform that had previously been plagued by persistent issues.

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