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The Crucial Role of Clear Communication in Providing App Support

14 Aug 23
By Chris Carroll
MD of MGC Agency

Efficient and transparent communication is crucial for the success of clients’ mobile apps. Quality support from developers or agencies is equally important as functionality and design. Clear communication is necessary for companies whose mobile apps are integral to business operations. We discuss why clear communication is paramount and what companies and agencies should prioritise to avoid breakdowns.


Why Clear Communication Matters:

Understanding your Needs: An app’s support agency must comprehensively understand the client’s business goals, functionality, and user base. Clear communication ensures the support team is aligned with the client’s visions, enabling you to address specific issues and solutions effectively.

Swift Issue Resolution: Time is money, especially when an app is crucial to your operations. Transparent communication ensures that agencies comprehend the urgency of issues and can prioritise them accordingly, leading to faster resolution times.

Building Trust: Trust is the cornerstone of any successful partnership. Regular updates, transparent information sharing, and open lines of communication foster trust between you and the agencies, ensuring a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.

Effective Problem Solving: When the agency is well-informed about the app’s intricacies, it can offer precise solutions to problems. Clear communication helps avoid misunderstandings that might lead to incorrect resolutions and further complications.

User Experience Enhancement: An agency with accurate insights can identify recurring user issues and pain points. This data can be used to enhance the app’s user experience, creating a more satisfied user base.


What you Should Expect from Their Support Agency:

Proactive Communication: A reliable agency takes the initiative to provide regular updates, whether about ongoing issues, upcoming updates, or proactive suggestions for optimisation.

Availability: Timely responses are critical, especially during emergencies. Clients should expect the agency to be reachable through various channels like email, phone, and even live chat.

Deep Understanding: Agencies should understand the app’s functionality and architecture in-depth. This ensures that they can troubleshoot effectively and answer user inquiries accurately.

Customised Solutions: Your app is unique, and solutions should be tailored to their specific needs. An agency should avoid generic responses and offer solutions that align with the client’s business goals.


Consequences of Communication Breakdown:

Deteriorating User Experience: When communication breaks down, issues may go unresolved, leading to frustration and a decline in the user experience. Unhappy users are more likely to abandon the app.

Negative Reputation: Poor communication between you and the support agency damages app credibility and deters potential users.

Loss of Revenue: Communication failures, unresolved issues, and poor user experience can lead to revenue loss for businesses heavily reliant on their apps.

Strained Relationships: A relationship between you and your support agency can be strained due to unclear communication. This can result in misaligned expectations, disputes, and, ultimately, termination of the partnership.

Companies with mobile apps must communicate clearly with their support agency. Effective communication enhances issue resolution, builds trust, and improves the app’s success. Clients expect proactive communication, availability, deep understanding, and tailored solutions. Communication breakdowns lead to negative consequences, including a deteriorating user experience, a negative reputation, revenue loss, and strained relationships. The road to a successful app is paved with transparent and open lines of communication.

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