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4.9 out of 5


Browns Safety – IOS and Android Mobile App

Calum Brown - Owner

MGC Agency exceeded all expectations in developing our iOS and Android mobile app. They not only delivered the app on time but also maintained clear and effective communication throughout the entire process, ensuring I fully understood the design, development, and delivery schedules. The result has been nothing short of outstanding. Our app has been incredibly well-received by our industry, attracting a multitude of subscribers daily. MGC's expertise and commitment to excellence have undeniably played a pivotal role in our app's success, and we couldn't be happier with the results.


The problem

We were approached by a Browns Safety representative to develop a mobile app for iOS and Android platforms. They identified a gap in the market for a HR pocketbook that would allow companies to quickly access information on HR, health, and safety procedures specific to their organisation. The app would serve as a convenient resource for companies to easily register and access the necessary information.


Browns Safety


IOS and Android Mobile App




The development of an HR pocketbook to assist companies and individuals with health and safety.

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What we accomplished

Many organisations need help maintaining up-to-date HR policies, health and safety procedures, and compliance regulations. This can lead to difficulties for employees accessing vital resources promptly, while companies may need help to comply with ever-evolving legal requirements.
Our solution involves creating a versatile and user-friendly mobile app as a comprehensive resource hub for HR, health, and safety information. The app will work seamlessly on iOS and Android platforms, ensuring broad accessibility.
Key Features and Functionalities include:

Customisation: Companies can personalise the app to match their specific HR policies, health and safety procedures, and other relevant content.

Document Repository: The app provides a secure repository for essential documents like employee handbooks, safety manuals, and compliance guidelines.

Notification System: Through push notifications or emails, users can stay informed about policy changes, compliance updates, or critical safety alerts.

Search and Navigation: A robust search function and intuitive navigation make it easy for users to find information.

Checklists and Forms: Interactive checklists and forms streamline HR processes, enabling users to complete and submit them directly through the app.

Training Resources: Access to training materials, including videos and quizzes, ensures employees are well-informed and compliant.

Secure Access: Robust security features protect sensitive HR and safety data through user authentication, role-based access control, and data encryption.

Analytics and Reporting: The app offers insights and analytics on user engagement, document access, and compliance status, aiding organisations in monitoring their HR and safety efforts.
This app brings several benefits, such as enhanced efficiency, improved compliance, convenience for employees, cost savings through streamlined processes, and peace of mind for employees and employers.


Ongoing Support

Browns Safety representative to develop this app is poised to revolutionise how companies manage their HR, health, and safety procedures. It’s a game-changer that provides a holistic solution, empowering organisations to tackle the complexities of compliance with confidence while safeguarding the welfare of their most valuable asset—their employees. As this app takes hold in the market, we can anticipate a paradigm shift towards more efficient, secure, and compassionate corporate management practices.

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