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4.9 out of 5


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Rob Key - Community Builder

MGC has been fantastic for Agency Collective. When we struggled with unresolved website issues, they swiftly tackled them with expertise and dedication. Their commitment to fixing problems and ensuring long-term stability was evident from day one. Our website runs smoothly and efficiently thanks to MGC's technical support and maintenance. They've also played a vital role in implementing new developments on our platform, aligning seamlessly with our vision. MGC's professionalism and commitment make them an invaluable partner, and we couldn't be happier with the results. If you're seeking a team that delivers outstanding solutions and ongoing support, MGC is the one to trust.


Client Fustration

The Agency Collective Hub, a thriving community comprising over 300 digital agencies based in London, had been grappling with persistent frustrations surrounding support and the timely resolution of technical issues. Their ordeal was exacerbated by instances where errors were not been addressed by the developing company. In a bid to alleviate these challenges, MGC, with its expertise in software development and problem-solving, swiftly intervened. Following a comprehensive investigation of the codebase, MGC embarked on an efficient onboarding process, determined to tackle and resolve the issues plaguing the Agency Collective Hub, thereby ensuring a smoother and more efficient operation for this dynamic community of digital agencies.


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MGC took a multifaceted approach, resolving search, video, and logging issues, enhancing the Agency Collective Hub's functionality, and contributing to its growth.

Impressive Response Rate: Resolving Client Issues with Efficiency.

We take pride in our exceptional response rate when it comes to resolving client issues with efficiency.
Here is one of our latest client problems resolved:

The client reported a problem with their e-commerce.

Our support team response.

Response Time
26 minutes

Issue Resolved

Response to client

Total time from the problem being reported to being resolved.
5 Hours, 47 minutes

"MGC was able to resolve the issues within a few days that our previous company had been unable to fix in several months."

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What we accomplished

MGC took a comprehensive approach to solving the challenges the Agency Collective Hub faced. Firstly, we addressed the search issues that caused frustration in the community, ensuring that users could easily find the information they needed. We also resolved video display errors to ensure multimedia content was presented correctly and without disruptions. In addition, we dedicated our efforts to rectifying critical logging issues, such as forgotten passwords and login processes. By effectively resolving these intricate technical problems, we restored the Hub’s functionality and improved the overall user experience.


Ongoing Support

MGC is dedicated to promoting the continuous growth and development of the Agency Collective Hub. Our commitment goes beyond simply fixing issues. We play a critical role in the Hub’s development by providing weekly support. This ongoing commitment not only involves addressing any emerging issues quickly but also actively participating in the creation of new plugins and enhancements. These innovative plugins are designed to improve the user experience within the Hub, introducing new features and functionalities that keep the community up-to-date with the latest digital agency trends. Our collaborative efforts ensure that the Agency Collective Hub remains a dynamic and forward-thinking platform.

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