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4.9 out of 5


Total Bleed Solutions

Shopify website build

The Brief

Total bleed solutions, located in Middlesbrough, specialise in selling bike parts, tools and accessories. Our task was to develop a new website for them due to their current one being outdated. The website we created on Shopify has replaced their previous one, and it also offers many new features, such as running effectively by offering customers a full range of easy checkout. We wanted the site to look more modern, crisper and cleaners to support a smooth online shopping experience. To make the website more flexible, we introduced the integration of payment gateways, live chats and a login feature.




Total Bleed Solutions




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Smooth online shopping experience

The customer is already well-known in Middlesbrough, but with our assistance, they want to spread their brand outside of the town. We did this by concentrating more on the customer’s experience and journey through the use of the website. We designed a new layout based on the client’s colours, logo, and branding.

integration of payment gateways

The client’s previous website lacked a payment gateway, making it difficult to increase sales through the website. The integration of the payment gateways allows the client’s customers the ability to purchase their products online without visiting a physical store.

Flexibility and adaptability

The new Shopify website we developed for the client is way more flexible and adaptable. It allows the client to add more plugins and make changes to the website in the future.


After we completed the project the client was extremely happy with the results. The new site made it easier for their customers to navigate the website and do their shopping. Payment gateways enable the client to expand their reach beyond Middlesbrough without having to visit the physical store.