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4.9 out of 5


Browns Safety

Bespoke IOS and Android app designed to keep employees safe at work.

Our Brief

MGC Agency was tasked with developing a native bespoke mobile app for IOS and Android. 

The app has many features, including register and login, free trial and subscription payments, integration with Apple and Google Play, as well as a HAVS and DROPS inbuilt calculator, and PDF library with the ability to search multiple documents surround health and safety in the workplace and legislation. 

Browns Safety was established to ensure that all businesses have access to trustworthy health and safety advice that protects their workforce. They work with industries such as construction, fabrication, renewable energy, and others. 


Browns Safety


Health and Safety


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Built-in calculators

We wanted to include features in the app that can assist in supporting workers because health and safety are at the forefront of Browns safety. This included a calculator for hand-arm vibrations (HAVS) and a calculator for dropped object prevention schemes (DROPS). 

HAVS calculates the vibration level of any tool, allowing you to calculate your overall daily vibration exposure.  

DROPS calculates the effect of dropping an object, allowing you to reduce the number of objects dropped. 

Calculator Reports (HAVS & DROPS)

After users have completed the calculations, it will be stored on their accounts. When the report is generated, a share button will be visible, allowing users to download as a PDF or email it at any time. 

Users can bulk download daily or weekly reports as well as access historical information. 

Registration and Subscription

Users will be asked to “log in” and “new user” when the app first launches. The user’s information, including the business name and billing information, must be submitted in order to create a new user.  

After that, a free 30-day trial period with full access to their account will begin. Users will have the choice to renew monthly or annually after the 30-day free trial period ends. 

CRM System

We developed a bespoke CRM system for the customer that includes basic client management features as well as the ability to upload and modify PDFS on the app. Users may be deleted, details can be changed, payment and renewal dates can be checked, and more.

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