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4.9 out of 5


Classic Car Trader

Live automated auction website

Our Brief

We are delighted to be working with Classic Car Trader because we love cars, especially classic cars. Working with the team, we inherited an original site that required several functions to make the website fit for purpose.

Having reviewed the website, we identified several areas that would benefit the process and help improve the website and company procedures.

Built on WordPress and WooCommerce, we delivered a website, mobile responsive that runs live auctions, the reserve price and intelligent bidding profiles. We loved working with this website and client.

A custom-built auction website for classic cars.



Classic Car Trader


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Elegant in design, fitting for the cars on sale.

We designed the website to be clean and straightforward. The target audience doesn’t want fuss and jargon. The structure needed to be simple, easy to register, easy to bid and easy to complete the purchase.

The website is fully automated, which fits in with the website’s growth. Automatic reminders outbid notices and pay notifications to decrease the client’s time administrating the website.

The website is built to be fit for purpose now and built on to add more features to aid upsell and profitability.

Increment bidding process.

We custom-built an increment bidding, like eBay bidding, which first managed to auction reserve price and calculated bid amounts over the current bid. After completion, the website uses PayPal to collect payment before sending the seller’s contact information.

Automatic reminders are set over daily periods to keep all bids and completed bids on track.

Custom CRM admin area

For the user to make a bid or sell a vehicle, they must register, which starts the process of verification. The user can only be allowed on the website when credentials are checked.

Following access, an admin system allows tracking bids, listing vehicles, and tracking payments. Although nothing unique, it was custom from the ground up to tailor for a couple of unique functions that make Classic Car Trader what it is today.

Client Comments

The website does exactly as intended and exceeds our initial vision requirement. The team at MGC advised and delivered a website that is simple for our users and has all the functions to scale in the future.