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Why Apple Pay and Google Pay Is a Must-Have for Your Ecommerce?
Why Apple Pay and Google Pay Is a Must-Have for Your Ecommerce?

By mgcadmin 27 Oct 2021 11:49am

In a world where we can purchase from any store with just our mobile device, why would you still use traditional payment methods? With apple pay and google pay both available for eCommerce purchases on the market today, it is more convenient than ever before. People like to use different payment processing options when they can. Why give up your customer base and risk their money by only accepting one of the most popular methods? It’s a brilliant idea for eCommerce businesses that want a broader appeal, as well as those that have expanded internationally in recent years!

Apple Pay and Google pay are must-haves for eCommerce businesses. Why? They’re convenient ways of paying online that work with most smartphones. Second, they give you more control than any other payment option out there. Because it’s always on your device-no need to search up what card use or remember another password! And lastly, these two options don’t charge extra fees as credit cards do, so check them out today if your company sells items through Amazon, Walmart, etc. Here we’ll see the benefits of both in E-commerce.


What is Apple Pay?


The Apple Pay digital wallet is a convenient and secure way to pay for goods in physical stores. With just one tap, you can checkout with your contactless card on the go! In addition, each transaction is verified by Face ID or Touch ID, unlike other methods where it’s easy enough that anyone could do so without being detected at all times of day – not even while they’re distracted like most people are when checking social media accounts during breakfast time. But now, there’ll be no chance because this method requires usernames/passwords to be entered beforehand, which then links back up again after successful completion (which also helps them avoid potential fraud).


How Does Apple Pay Help in Ecommerce?

Apple Pay is a form of electronic cash that can use to make purchases. It’s typically tied with the user’s Apple ID, so there’s never any need for passwords or PINs, just an easy tap on your phone screen!

A lot more people these days are using their smartphones as gadgets rather than computers–especially when it comes to time and convenience. However, not everyone knows how this works yet since most stores still require you to enter some information (such as name) before confirming payment cards over NFC/ swipe terminals, which may take up valuable customer minutes during busy hours waiting around.


Benefits of Apple Pay in Ecommerce

Apple Pay has many benefits for eCommerce businesses, including boosting conversion rates and increasing sales. In addition, it’s quick to use because of its simplicity in design. All you have to do is enter your name or card number when checking out. With Apple pay integration on both desktop computers and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Apps are more convenient than ever before. So, that shoppers can buy products online whenever it suits them best without needing different accounts just because they’re buying something more significant.

If you’re looking for a new way to pay. Apple Pay is an attractive choice. Transactions process automatically. And there’s no need to enter your personal information or remember extra debit card Numbers because it uses fingerprints instead!


What is Google Pay?


Google Pay is a new service that’s available for some significant eCommerce retailers. It lets you keep your payment information, shipping address, and account login details safe via 2-Step Verification on the Google Authenticator app or physical key fob, significantly increasing the security of transactions made with those companies’ online stores!

Google announced their newest innovation: “Google Pay.” This platform will allow customers to shop safely by storing sensitive data like credit card numbers in addition to checking out as usual through shopping apps such as Amazon Prime Now (which has over two million listings), Walmart Grocery Delivery, etc. Without having to worry about entering passwords each time they make an order; since now all you have done is tap your phone screen at checkout!


How Does Google Pay Help in Ecommerce?

Google Pay is a new, innovative way that will revolutionize the eCommerce industry. It’s easy for customers and painless for business owners. Because all they need to do is put their phone number in an online form. Pick an app store (or website), and wait!

Once everything has been verified. Google pays you instantly through one of your bank accounts or transfers funds from other sources like PayPal. Which means no more waiting around. At the same time, people order things on Amazon. Payments are made immediately upon purchase. So there’s less risk involved either way, too. If something goes wrong with delivery service, etc., it’s not just them losing money but everyone who chose to accept instant purchases as well.


Benefits of Google Pay in Ecommerce

Google Pay is a safe and secure form of transaction that aggregates multiple purchase options. It currently supports Google Sign In; Android Pay as well as Samsung Gear S2/S3 smartwatch payments on smartphones with NFC technology built to complete transactions. Seamlessly from your phone or watch screen without having to swipe them. This saves time for people who don’t want another tab open during busy days at work!

There are so many benefits when using this service. Including not having sensitive data exposed online due to access being limited only by what apps have been installed onto devices. Where it can be accessed through 3rd party sources outside one’s network. Such as recommendations made via emails.



When it comes to your eCommerce, you can’t afford to have Apple Pay or Google Pay. So, it’s time for the future of online payments! This blog post has given you a brief explanation of Apple Pay and Google Pay. The benefits they offer to consumers, and why it’s so necessary for eCommerce websites.

The question is now whether or not your website accepts these forms of payment. If not, we urge you to invest in adding this capability as soon as possible. With more than 3 billion mobile devices projected by 2020. That will be using NFC-based contactless payments globally (and nearly 69% of those being smartphones). There are going to be many customers. Who won’t want to shop on sites that don’t accept their preferred form of payment? If they’ve already used to paying with their phones when shopping elsewhere online!