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The Value of Live Chat on Your Website and eCommerce Store

06 Mar 23
By Chris Carroll
MD of MGC Agency

As most of you know, your customer support can either make or break your eCommerce business, as it plays a role in nurturing and retaining your relationships with your existing customers. Excellent service is so important to consumers that over two-thirds of Americans are willing to spend more on brands with excellent customer support. Moreover, impeccable service can convert a website visitor into a paying customer effectively.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to share a few valuable eight reasons why live Chat is necessary for your online business.


Provide Convenience

Live chat software makes it easy for customers to get in touch with your team. With no need to call a phone number, they can send an online message through the site’s interface and wait patiently while someone helps them out!

Chatbots are great for answering customer FAQs. For instance, if a potential client needs to know whether you ship items and your shipping rates, they can ask the chatbot instead of waiting on hold or having an agent come out right away. The best part? Chatbots let customers multitask by doing other things while waiting – like paying bills online with our service (or something else).


Save Operational Costs

Along with the benefits of streamlining your customer service, live chat software also helps to save money. You can cut down on the costly phone and email conversations, as you only require one person for each channel. This means that instead of hiring employees, who may not be necessary for other parts or departments within a business, they can take care of potential customers right when it matters: online.

Live Chat is an excellent tool for ensuring that customers receive quick responses to their questions without having the burden of sending them through email. This saves both time and money by eliminating one step between potential clients with support requests. And giving agents more productivity as they can handle multiple chats at once.


To have a competitive advantage

Josh Ledgard, the founder of Kick Off Labs, says that live chat support is an excellent way to stand out compared to other eCommerce businesses. First, it allows you to respond immediately when there are customer inquiries that were not possible before; furthermore, this new feature enables sellers to handle multiple queries at once through one platform, instead of holding them until somebody picks up on a phone call or sends over an email reply.



Improve the Online Experience

Live chat support has grown in popularity as a means of improving customer service. With live chats, you can connect with customers without them having to stop what they’re doing and contact someone over the phone or via email.

Technology is constantly evolving, and live chat support has become one of the most popular ways to improve customer service. With this new feature, you can connect with customers without stopping what they are doing simply by typing away on your computer or phone. No more waiting around while your sales rank grows less than satisfactory- send over any questions right away through our website’s widget so we’ll be able to answer all of their queries quickly & efficiently every time.


Gather Better Customer Insights

Live Chat is a great way to get better insights into your customers. It allows you to collect all customer data, which will help build an effective marketing strategy for them.

It is a well-known fact that customer data can provide you with essential insights about your customers. But what does this mean for the business? First, it enables them to improve their products and services and decide how bests to promote themselves to grow into something even more incredible.


Generate And Nurture Leads

You’ve got a lot of people visiting your site, but not all are going to buy from you. There’s something on the other side, though, that might make them come back again and invest in their future purchases with an eCommerce business like yours.

Live Chat is a great way to capture contact information from your website visitors before they leave. You can use this data for follow-up later on, but you need first set it up so that chat sessions will automatically begin with the customer’s consent already granted in advance.


Provide Customer Satisfaction

Live chat tools are designed to provide immediate and memorable customer service. As a result, it has the highest level of satisfaction among all support channels because you can resolve things quickly with this tool through interactive conversations on your website or app’s message board.

You can have all the answers you need without ever having to leave your online shop. Open up Chat, send a query about shipping eligibility, and wait for an answer! There’s no need to call someone on the phone lines. When this simple question has only two possible responses – yes or no.


Build Meaningful Relationships

Building a meaningful relationship is no easy task. While eCommerce, in general, provides convenience to you and your customers. As the platform allows them the opportunity of purchasing from someone. They have never met before or even seen on screen, for that matter.

Still, there are some challenges. When it comes down to building customer rapport. Because naturally, people would prefer dealing with those who deal face-to-face rather than online. So, this poses an issue if one doesn’t know how best to approach these types of situations without sounding too pushy or desperate. Which might turn off potential buyers altogether. Instead of making him seem spammy like trying hard wasn’t going to work out at all.

Live Chat is a necessity, not an option for any business. It provides your customers with the opportunity to get instant support. And answer their questions while also providing insights into what they want from you in the future.

We can assist you in setting up a live chat that meets your requirements; we’d be happy to talk more about this or anything else.

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