Complex WordPress
Maintenance and Support.

Experience tremendous value and unwavering support when things go wrong with your WooCommerce store.

Get quick support today with a guaranteed 3-hour responce for any fixes you need.

At MGC, we specialise in delivering fast and dependable technical support for eCommerce businesses. We recognise the criticality of time, particularly in an industry where 70% of UK retailers face significant delays from their digital agencies, often exceeding ten days. That’s why we prioritise support, maintenance, and development, ensuring a prompt response within three hours of your request.

Unlike many digital agencies that prioritise new developments at the expense of maintenance, we firmly believe in swiftly resolving existing platform issues. We understand the vital importance of keeping your eCommerce platform running smoothly and are dedicated to providing reliable and timely solutions to any challenges you may encounter.

With two decades of experience launching WordPress WooCommerce websites worldwide, we offer exceptional value through our competitive pricing and unparalleled technical expertise.

At MGC, we are available to assist you in maintaining and enhancing your existing WordPress WooCommerce platform, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business. Trust us to help you thrive in today’s fiercely competitive eCommerce landscape. Partner with MGC for reliable WooCommerce support and maintenance and unlock your business’s potential.

Our plans for supporting multiple platforms aim to swiftly resolve, improve, and sustain your WordPress WooCommerce.

Complex WordPress Maintenance and Support.

£640/month + vat

Onboarding Cost: One-Time Payment of £640 + vat
to Get You Started!

Services Included

  • We are a support and maintenance WordPress company offering unlimited support and bug fixes. Simply get in contact with us, report your problem, and let our experienced developers resolve it efficiently and effectively.

  • Experience the assurance of a 3-hour developer response time for your WordPress website, ensuring quick and efficient resolution of any technical concerns.

  • Whether it's a critical error on your site, a downed network, or an extensions problem, we offer urgent help and priority support for you and your WordPress website.

  • Custom Development

  • Advanced Design Customisation

  • Integration Management

  • E-commerce Management

  • Membership System Maintenance

  • Forum Support

  • Custom Web Application Maintenance

  • Core Updates

  • Plugin and Theme Updates

  • Compatibility Testing

  • Server Scalability

  • Backup and Recovery

  • Security Enhancements

  • Responsive Design and Mobile Optimisation

  • Plugin Selection and Configuration

  • Content Management

  • Website Performance and Speed Optimisation

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    • Your 1st Month’s Payments
    • Onboarding Fee £640 + vat
    • Monthly Fee £640 + vat (One-Time Payment to Get You Started!)
    • Total: £1280 + vat
    • 2nd Month’s Payments And Ongoing
    • Ongoing £640 + vat per month, cancel at any time.

    70% of UK retailers reported delays in receiving responses from their digital agency, with an average delay time of 10 days. This can be frustrating for retailers who need immediate technical support to fix website issues and minimise the financial impact of website downtime.