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Which eCommerce platform to choose?

At MGC, we help you choose the best platform for your business to thrive. A platform perfect for you.

Launching an eCommerce component of your business can be pretty stressful. You want to make sure that you choose a platform that has an interface that is easy for your customers to use and offers a level of security and support that will provide you and your customers with peace of mind that they are safe while they are shopping.

There are a few eCommerce platforms out there to choose from. While there is some debate in the developer community about which platform is the best, here at MGC Agency, our platforms of choice is WooCommerce and Magento.

An average eCommerce platform provides you with the unification of core business processes to achieve complete visibility across your company and ultimately satisfy the most discerning customers.

It’s sometimes hard to say which eCommerce platforms will offer the function you want, or it will still be cost-effective as your store is scalable.

To choose a winning eCommerce platform, you can rely on the following features:
Run-on a single, unified platform:

An eCommerce platform should provide natively unified eCommerce, accounting, POS, inventory, and order management, marketing, customer service, financial, merchandising on a cloud-based platform.

A great eCommerce platform should offer a complete customer view:

A great eCommerce platform should deliver consistent experiences, targeted marketing, and excellent customer service. All customer interactions and transactions should be in a single view across all the touchpoints and channels.

Intelligent order management:

Intelligent, responsive and secure mobile applications for all major mobile platforms, increasing your organisations level of communication ..

Provide superior customer experiences:

Choose a platform that creates responsive, friendly, personalised and rewarding mobile, web, and in-store experiences for customers if you want to make your store stand out and live up to customers’ expectations.

Support bottomless expansion:

Fully support multiple business models, brands, channels, locations, currencies, and languages all on the same platforms.

Site security:

If you’re a new store owner, terms like “PCI compliance” or “eCommerce SSL certificates” might give you a head-spinning. But you will be familiar with them soon. Choose a platform that offers an SSL certificate and PCI compliance to assure the security of your store and the customer data it contains.
Many platforms offer additional security packages. You can consider these packs depending on your demands, your store’s future needs, and your budget.

Easy to create content:

You should look for platforms that allow you to easily create content on new or existing pages, also new pages, and contact forms. It should be a snap to create and publish content on your store. If your store doesn’t have solid supporting content, it will suffer much in Google searches.
You can think about a platform with a reputation for having a reliable content management system (CMS).

Highly dedicated support and document:

Your platform provider should provide help whenever you need it. Companies often offer support via many channels such as email, live chat, ticket support, or direct phone calls. Choose which one is the best for you, then you can reach out to your platform provider if you have any problems related to the platform.
Also, look at their available document, tutorial, such as user guides, FAQs, how-to blog posts, knowledge base posts. You might find solutions before contacting the providers.
At MGC, we specialise in Magento and WooCommerce eCommerce development. Magento is one of the most used eCommerce platforms in the world. Although it is well-known for being incredibly complicated, this platform has significant benefits that make it deserving to be at the first position on this list. Besides, the launching of Magento 2 has taken the platform to a higher level, accelerating many providers to create more effective solutions for B2B eCommerce firms.

Some outstanding benefits of using Magento eCommerce:
Versatile content management:

The backend and content management interface comply with the rule “what you see is what you get” allow store owners to build and customise features on their online stores on the fly.

Mobile-friendly configuration:

The design of the Magento user interface and shopping carts are responsive to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Advanced search engine optimisation:

With SEO efficiency, it gives online stores have more opportunity to rank highly on search engines such as Google, Bing, and more.

Sturdy and spacious:

The platform allows a site with up to 500,000 products and handling 80,000 orders per hour.

Flexible third-party integrations:

Magento enables your online stores to integrate with third modules or apps such as MailChimp, Google Shopping and more efficiently.

Customisable security permissions:

Magento supports you to customise multiple levels of security permissions, control internal access, and ensure your site’s safety.

Save time and money:

Magento is open-source and has several custom extensions that can share between multiple Magento users. Through one instance of Magento, you can manage numerous eCommerce stores with various languages and various currencies.


WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that enables merchants to turn their WordPress sites into online stores freely and offer additional paid features and integrating options to streamline the functionality of the shopping cart.

WooCommerce is extremely user friendly and easy to use, especially when compared to some of the other major eCommerce platforms. Since it is a WordPress plugin, it is just as user-friendly as WordPress and allows users who already know/use WordPress to transition into eCommerce easily. With 53% of all websites on the internet currently using WordPress, that means there are quite a few people out there who would find using WooCommerce to be relatively easy!

This open-source platform is ideal for small brands with WordPress development resources as it will be easy to customise. WooCommerce ensures PCI compliance and secures communications between your customers and your server through its secure payment processor.

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