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Putting the fun and character back into Toomey Legal
Putting the fun and character back into Toomey Legal

By mgcadmin 8 Aug 2019 1:46pm

Toomey Legal came to us and explained that their existing website was not bringing in any client enquiries. Within 8 weeks of MGC relaunching the website, they had a complete return on investment through direct website enquiries.



The first stage of this process was for us to understand what made Toomey Legal special. Getting to know our clients and their businesses we believe is the best starting point. A website should be the digital representation of a person or their business and as we are all different in that way we believe your website should be as well.



Sue and her team at Toomey Legal provide a real personal service that is warm, friendly and open. We, therefore, advised them that this should be reflected by their site. It was felt by all involved that the website should not feel to commercial or corporate as this would not be representative of the Toomey Legal Brand. We designed a site that incorporated everything that is great about Toomey Legal and even included pet dogs and cakes as these potentially insignificant features are what is important to the Toomey Legal team.



Working with together with Sue and her team MGC created a handcrafted and completely bespoke website that within 2 months of going live had paid for itself with direct client enquiries.