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On the ball, Brand Creation for Sports Bench Podcast, Website and Social Media promotion

By mgcadmin 14 Sep 2019 10:04am

The Sports Bench is the vision of Marc Millar, an ex-professional footballer, Marc is a successful financial adviser with a number of years of financial experience. Marc approached MGC because of our vision and creative ability to create brands, and that is precisely what we did.

Working with Marc, we created the name Sports bench leading on to branding concepts and advertisements. The vision for Marc is to release a new podcast format targeted at an audience interested in sport leading into the financial aspects across all sporting sectors.

It is Marc’s knowledge of both subjects that makes the podcasts highly anticipated. Due for release at the back end of this year the podcast will be supported by an online platform to listen and subscribe as well as integration with all the hosting platforms.

Marc also chose MGC for the expertise in producing the podcasts, having 15 years in providing video and audio for commercials and adverts MGC is well placed to advise Marc on the production that his high profile guests are used to.



“From our Initial discussion MGC took over from naming, concepts and designs they have been an inspiration, I am excited for the next phases Including the podcast and website.”