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Improved Scalability and Speed

The speed of the Magento platform is astounding. With one instance, you can now serve 10 million views per hour which were previously unheard-of, with 200 thousand on an installation only recently upgraded from 1 year ago. In addition, Magento 2 can reduce the page load time by 30 – 50%. It also has a more robust platform than Magento 1, allowing it to handle 39% more orders per hour than its predecessor. With this increase in customer interaction, you will be able to get your message out there and sell even faster!

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Enhanced Checkout System

Magento 2’s enhanced checkout process gives customers a more streamlined and enjoyable experience. With Magento 1, users had to register with their email address not to be automatically identified by the system upon placing an order; now, guests can check out without having any information needed except what they’ve already given during registration (i.e., billing address). The simplifying of this step makes it easier on both buyers and sellers because it is less likely that anything will go wrong at some point during purchase or shipment!

Search Engine Friendly

The new Magento 2 has been designed with a front end that makes it easier to browse all kinds of devices. According to an independent study, this helps the website in its search engine rankings because Google algorithms place mobile responsive websites higher than those that aren’t.

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Easier Extensions Update

In Magento 2, installing extensions has been made easier. In the past, with some essential plugins in Magento 1, you would have to consult a developer for help or spend hours trying to make them work on your own just because of how complicated they were before HTML5 and CSS3; came around!

This new feature makes it much better than ever before so keep reading below about what exactly we’re talking about here today.”

Upgraded Add-To-Cart

In Magento 1, if a customer added a new product to their cart and clicked Add To Cart, the entire page would reload every time. This led many shoppers to leave frustrated at having slow loading pages or being forced onto repeat loadings before they were finished browsing for other items on sale! In contrast, though with this issue present in older versions of Magento because there were no ‘Ajax add-to carts,’ it became something that could be resolved through various means. Still, now we have an even better way: The ability to offer customers more control over what happens when adding products from anywhere else within your site instead of forcing them back onto another page load – all without any additional coding needed.

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Database Segmentation

The problem with the single Magento database was that if there were too many customers online, it would affect their customer experience and UI. So the new architecture of Magento 2 separates three databases: one for admins only; another containing information on stores or products managed by developers (which can be used during development); finally, a third “development” database holds product designs, etc., all designed specifically to help retailers improve conversion rates.

Magento 2 provides a split database solution to prevent any negative impact on the website. There are three categories: Product Data, Checkout, and Orders that help scale your potential by segregating each area’s data which prevents them from colliding with one another at all times!

We initially appointed MGC to support us in providing maintenance and troubleshooting across our Magento based website and ERP integration. However it was clear that Chris and team not only had the technical skills required but also the commercial experience to support us in developing our website and enhancing our ROI. We are now entering the second phase of our develop thanks to Chris’s consultative approach.

Ian Hutchinson, Business Development Manager
The Expanded Metal Company


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We initially appointed MGC to support us in providing maintenance and troubleshooting across our Magento based website and ERP integration. However it was clear that Chris and team not only had the technical skills required but also the commercial experience to support us in developing our website and enhancing our ROI. We are now entering the second phase of our develop thanks to Chris’s consultative approach.

Ian Hutchinson
Business Development Manager The Expanded Metal Company

Worked with Chris for over 8 years (and known him for several more!) and he is one of the most passionate, driven and approachable people I have had the pleasure to work with. His industry knowledge, strategic thinking and attention to his client’s R.O.I would be real asset to any business looking to undertake digital work and I would have no hesitation in
recommending him.

Richard Blyth
Senior Front End Developer

The knowledge that Chris and the guys at MGC have is second to none. I would have no hesitation in recommending Christopher and his team to any of my connections.

James Lees
Reducing Churn & Increasing What Our Clients Earn @ Salesfire

Chris has been developing websites for me for around 10 years now. His knowledge of the market is second to none. More importantly though – he fully understands how different clients can leverage all elements of the digital world through innovative marketing and optimisation. Chris is also something of a perfectionist and always delivers projects to the brief and in a timely manner.

Jeff Matthews
Business Development Manager at Yugen

It was important that our website would cater specifically for domestic & commercial customers in particular. MGC Agency certainly hasn’t disappointed. Working with them has always been a pleasure. With Chris as our point of contact, they have always been easy to contact and have remained thoroughly approachable; before and during the website’s development. MGC Agency has been a real pleasure to work with.

Ben Lambert
Newcastle Electrical

Chris is that unique blend of a consummate professional and extremely approachable guy. It makes working with him a true pleasure as well as a successful experience. By ensuring he’s always got the best team around him at all times and that team is highly motivated he ensures the projects he is involved with are always completed to the highest standards possible. I have never had any hesitation in recommending Chris to potential clients and have never had anything but positive feedback from them in response to their experience of working with him.

Rosie Brent
SCRUM Master

I have worked with Chris Carroll now for over ten years and he has always delivered an excellent service to me and my company. Chris is one of those people who have the “can do” attitude and can be totally relied on to produce the results you require every time. I would always recommend Chris and his team on without hesitation.

Simon Wilson
Air Conditioning Engineer & Director at Knight Engineers Ltd

Chris and his team built me a website 3 years ago that is still held up as one of the best in our industry. Up to 50% of our new business comes from e mail enquiries from our site. Business coaches within dentistry use our website as an example of what to aim for. Last year we won Best Marketing in the UK as a direct result of the site Chris created for us.

Marcos White
Offering 5 star cosmetic dental treatment to create beautiful smiles in beautiful surroundings

Chris Carroll demonstrates the very best skills available in on-line web strategy and web site development. For most of us in business when we invest in any form of marketing one outcome we need to see is an increase in bottom line profitability, Chris and his team make that happen. If you want the to position your brand on line and gain maximum advantage get Chris Carroll on board.

Rick Armstrong

We have used Chris and his first class team at MGC several times to help us create an online Conference promotion and booking system.
Their expert, timely execution has taken what was a hassle and transformed it into a massive value add not only for us at the organisers, but for the delegates because of their innovative and invaluable ideas. I would urge anyone to speak with them before taking on similar projects. The results speak for themselves.

Niri S Patel
Profitable Health & Fitness Studio Concept

In the world of online digital promotion, Chris really knows his stuff. Not only does he have many years expertise he is also very upfront and honest in his business approach. It is refreshing these days to have someone always available to help you. If you want to be flooded with great ideas on how to excel your business online have a coffee with Chris.

Kai Richardson
eCommerce Strategis

Chris is very intuitive and has a knack for recognising what will work for your business. His no nonsense approach is very refreshing and he’ll always go that extra mile to ensure he supports his clients and staff at every opportunity – he just breeds success.

Uzma Mahmood
Marketing Specialist

Chris is an IT man who delivers neat, practical web solutions that are simple to operate. When Chris says he and MGC makes websites that make companies additional revenue online, he really means it.

Jason Dean
“Hovorte jazykom Vášho tela”

I engaged Chris to create my company’s web site upon recommendation from Business Lnk Yorkshire. I now regard Chris as a good friend. He is dynamic, personable and an incredibly driven professional who gave 100% to my project. He has helped and supported me and my business since that time. I would confidently recommend Chris and his company to anyone requiring high quality web related services.

Ian Kitson
MD, Elegant Fireplaces

Chris provides an intelligent and innovative approach to the projects presented to him. He is able to suggest a number of potential solutions to enable the most suitable choice. He produces excellent results, on time and at a reasonable cost.

Chris Holmes
Financial super sleuth, interim accountant, freelance FD

Key Appointments have been working with Chris over the past year and you have been fundamental in the growth of our recruitment business. During the conception stage of our website, you understood our target market and provided both creative ideas and practical advice for the design and functionality of the site. The website not only looks fantastic but also having functions for advertising vacancies and promoting candidates is helping us to secure new customers.

Keeley Edge
Recruitment Specialist

Chris has a vision and the knowledge to help take our business forward in the ever changing climate of technology. He is trustworthy, passionate and honest about his work. I hope to be working with him for many years to come

Kath Young
Proprietor at The INN at Hawnby

Chris is one of the most honest, upfront business people that I know. He is truly passionate about doing the best for his clients and will often give advice without any obligation for his services to be engaged. He will ensure that any businesses that do engage his services, get the most from their websites and realise return on investment.

Nicole Thompson
Interim HR Consultant

Chris really helps to keep things simple and ensure that whatever work you have with him is kept tailored to your needs – he has the best interests of your business at the heart of everything he does. I recommend Chris strongly for any business, whether they are taking their first steps into the online world or if they are looking to grow their digital presence further.

Iain Dalby
North East Regional Manager at Firebox Global Logistics Ltd

As a business associate within BNI I can strongly attend you have a sound commercial business and uphold excellent customer focussed services within your field, delivering
superb results.
As to this end, I have recommended clients and friends to your business at MGC and would have no hesitation in continuing to do so.

Jane Sherburn
Digital & Marker Visualiser, Illustrator and Photography Art Director

Working with Chris on the Living Circle portal has been a great experience. He is been at hand every time I have needed some guidance to establish our store and I am looking forward to doing lots of business with him in the future.

Mark Careless
OnKefalonia Photography

Chris delivered what I asked for and more. People are always telling me what a great website it is!

Trish Cooke
Playwright and Children’s author.

I had tried unsuccessfully to create my own website and decided to seek professional help. I met with Chris and explained what I wanted. He listened to my needs and concerns and went away and built me a website that I love. They’re a great team of people to work with and have tons of experience working with people like myself. Their patience with me and desire to see me succeed has made the working relationship stress free and I couldn’t recommend MGC Agency any higher.

Joe Costigan
Freelance Photographer at StudioJoe30

I had avoided creating a website for 2 years as I was nervous about trying to explain my vision of what I wanted but also worried about the cost of something of this nature. Chris made it easy for me from the point we met putting me at ease, totally understood my vision of how to represent by brand and business and the cost was well within what I had expected. And they didn’t disappoint on what they delivered…..they are totally professional and I am over the moon with my experience.

Nikki Masterman
Managing Director & Owner of Inspired HR

Redesigned Admin Interface

Magento 2 offers a powerful admin experience with an improved user interface with easy navigation primarily designed for non-technical users.

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Easier Admin Navigation

To make it easy for new users, Magento 2 has implemented a simplified interface that will be more intuitive and user-friendly. As a result, Magento 2 is an excellent choice for users who are new to e-commerce. Even without any programming experience, you can still navigate and understand the interface thanks to its straightforward navigation system, making it easier than before when managing stores in Magento 1.

Magento’s simplicity has been one of its best qualities ever since version 1 was released many years back, so we’re excited about this change which will bring many more benefits such as increased security, among others!

Product Uploads Are Much Easier, And Customisation Is More Extensive

Magento 2 makes uploading products a lot easier for both customers and admins. With its step-by-step guide, it is now possible to upload the perfect product in minutes with just one click of your mouse! Not only that, but users can also add video or photos, which will make any future browsing experience more exciting than ever before and give them even more reasons why they should buy from you instead of at their next store visit.

In the new Magento 2 platform, customization of products becomes easier for both store owners and customers. With a user’s past preferences recorded in this system, they can be matched with offers tailored specifically to their tastes, making them more likely to purchase on these terms as well!

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If you are a business owner who needs to make sure your website is fully supported and up-to-date, it’s time for an upgrade. Magento 2 can help you improve how you sell online with features that will inspire customers and employees alike.

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