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Why Choose Kotlin for Android Development?

With Google’s approval of Kotlin as the preferred language for Android Programming, Kotlin has gained in popularity among developers and enterprises worldwide. Developed by JetBrains, Kotlin is aimed at simplifying web and mobile app development, especially Android app development.

Build feature-reach, high-performant, cross-platform, and powerful Android apps using Kotlin, paired with secure coding practices and agile approach.

With the ability to target JavaScript on both server-side and client-side, Kotlin.js makes web development easier and faster and can be integrated with existing third-party libraries and frameworks.

Avail greater benefits of concise code, optimized performance, safety, and interoperability by migrating your Android application to Kotlin with the help from our Kotlin experts.

Kotlin is a good choice for developing server-side applications, offering scalability, interoperability, easy-to-use abstractions, and full compatibility with existing Java Stack.

Our SLA driven 24*7 support and maintenance service of your Kotlin application ensures uninterrupted experience, availability, and glitch-free updates while you keep focusing on the business expansion.

Kotlin is a versatile language and widely-used language not only for mobile but also for server-side programming, web development, data science projects, and cross-platform app development.

Kotlin App Development Services

MGC is a professional Kotlin App Development Company that helps brands to address plenty of business challenges using simple, concise, and modern Kotlin programming language. We provide the right and demanded solutions for your business.

Native App Development
Kotlin App Optimization
Migration to Kotlin
Android App Development
Cross-platform Development
Maintenance and Support

Benefits of Kotlin Application Development

Kotlin outperforms Java language inefficiency, coding structure, speed, and performance. With over three-decade-long experience, our team of Kotlin developers is capable of delivering digital solutions across diverse industry verticals. From startups to large companies and from small-medium businesses to complete product development, Kotlin is a great fit.

Our approach helps to ensure:
  • Fully compatible with existing libraries of Java, Android, and web
  • Choose any Java IDE to begin with the development
  • Safe and concise code, making development faster and efficient
  • Improved code readability and maintainability
  • Continuously evolving framework with support from the global and thriving community

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