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You’re in safe hands with MGC Agency – Our take on the TSB bank saga
You’re in safe hands with MGC Agency – Our take on the TSB bank saga

By mgcadmin 20 Oct 2019 12:33pm

The failings of TSB bank represent a stark warning to business owners to ensure they use a reputable, reliable business they can trust when dealing with their digital requirements. 

At MGC Agency, we go the extra mile for our clients, we know and understand that our client’s businesses represent a livelihood for themselves and their staff teams. We are passionate about changing lives for the better and this is inclusive of our clients and their staff teams. We are focused on getting a return on the investment our client’s place with us and this requires us to value the trust our client’s place with us.



An independent report by Slaughter and May commissioned of the TSB IT ‘meltdown’ of 2018 had strong words to say about project management, communication and common sense, particularly in terms of testing complex systems.

TSB the bank had locked 2 million account holders out of their accounts during the firm’s IT migration to a new system. Traditionally IT projects have followed a “big bang” Go Live process with testing forming the final stages of a project, often leading to issues only being highlighted when time to completion is short. This method of project management has steadily fallen out of favour with many companies adopting an Agile approach to development which focuses on a continual delivery methodology.

This works to the advantage of the client in multiple ways:

  • The client is the “Product Owner” and prioritises the solutions they need and the order of delivery
  • The development team use timeboxed “sprints” to deliver solutions that are complete for testing and acceptance throughout the project
  • The project is transparent, with all project artefacts (documents) being accessible, at all times, to all parties

At MGC Agency we recommend using a SCRUM Agile approach (which is a framework for Agile development). Rosie Brent, our Head of Project Management is a Certified SCRUM Master and continues to invest in her professional development in this area to deliver the best possible results to our clients and support to our team.

When discussing your project with you our Project Management team will ensure that you are made fully aware of the management process, your role and responsibilities and how change management will be handled. As can be seen from the example of the report into TSB highlighted above, it is these areas particularly that need clarity and careful, consistent handling in order to prevent problems at the later stages of a project which can lead to delays and additional costs. By working together as one inclusive project team rather than using a traditional client/supplier model you are more involved and more in control of your project whilst we ensure the very best people are in place and empowered to do the very best work that they can for you.



Trust has to play a big part in any business decision and here at MGC Agency, we have built high levels of trust and a reputation we are proud of.  We understand that our clients don’t always understand the processes we are putting in place. However, our clients rest assured that we have over twenty years experience in our industry and have always delivered results that exceed clients’ expectations.

We treat every project like it is our own and rigorously test every detail and this has been the platform for our success for the past twenty years and will continue to be as we move into the next decade.