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Maths Toolbox tablet application design and build

By mgcadmin 30 Sep 2019 9:25am

Counting, multiplying, timetables, number bonds and calculation skills. Math Toolbox teaches them all and more. Kids, Parents and Teachers love it!

This is a first class collection of interactive resources that have been designed by teachers and students to compliment pre-school and primary school math learning in 3-11 year olds.

Perfect for use in the classroom or for home learning, Math Toolbox is a collection of familiar math learning tools that allow young people to:

* Learn to count
* Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and times tables
* Develop an understanding of number ideas and number values
* Create number bonds
* Learn to use and practice multibase and number bond theories
* Challenge themselves through setting numbers and operations to create complex equations




Math Toolbox has within it:

* An Abacus for counting units, tens and hundreds
* Sets of 10, 20 & 40 Counting Beads for practicing number bonds
* Four different Number Squares to practice times tables, number sequences and much more
* An interactive landscape that allows you to create pictures and count as many objects as you can
* A set of Multibase tools which will help you visualise numbers and the rules of addition and subtraction
* A series of Numibond blocks which are a set of shapes and patterns that help you count and form number bonds
* A set of up to four Dice that will help you set operations, learn different counting methods and challenge yourself over and over again





Teachers Reviews

“This is an amazing set of math manipulatives, all together in one concise, take along, fit in your pocket, use anywhere, anytime tool set! This app is drop dead gorgeous, which makes it all the more fun to work with. Each tool has a quick drop down box that succinctly explains, How do I use this? The students we worked with didn’t question a thing, they loved the variety of different tools and made up all kinds of game play of their own. The dice are our personal favorite, as we have been using them forever to practice different operations and they are extremely popular with the kids, as well. This app is well worth the investment. It has a long shelf life, is easy to navigate, the visuals are great, and the possible activities are endless! Do not miss this one!”




Teachers Reviews

“This app is so much fun and engaging right across the Primary age range, it is adaptable to fit the needs of all learners and I enjoy teaching maths again!”

“You have brought Maths equipment into the 21st Century and the children are actively engaged in the subject so much more.”

“The app has made Maths more fun for the children and they find it exciting to learn”