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Make your website your most valuable sales asset
Make your website your most valuable sales asset

By mgcadmin 3 Aug 2021 11:29am

Make your website your most valuable sales asset

By using these simple measures you can make your website your best sales asset, improving how many people find your website, ensuring the ones who find you are the ones who want to use your website and that when they visit they stay and buy from you.

1) Identify your ideal customer and ensure your site is completely targeted to them.

By providing the best possible information and experience on your website you can help your customer work with you or purchase from you quickly and easily. As with all marketing casting the more focused you can be the more effective the sales funnels on your site can be.

2) Remember your website isn’t about you, it’s about your customer!

Whenever you put information on your site or consider making a change think about how someone landing on your site for the first time would find the information they need, make an enquiry or buy a product. There are multiple ways to monitor how your visitors use your site using Google Analytics and analysis software such as Hotjar. At MGC Agency we can help you make the most of this feedback to improve user experience on your website and increase conversions.

3) Create landing pages for specific services, promotions or products

If you’re doing a limited-time promotion, have a product you want to promote or a service, create a specific landing page on your website for that and a short sales funnel to convert that to an enquiry or sale. At MGC Agency we’re experts in sales and marketing and can help you design these funnels, as well as the pages needed and implement them into your existing website. We can advise on how to promote them using social media, paid advertising and newsletters in order to target your customers in the most effective way.

4) Measure what is happening on your site

As we said in point 2, it’s vital to measure what is happening on your site and we can help you implement the right tools to achieve this as well as analyse the results and tell you what that means for your business in real terms. By reviewing on a regular basis how your website visitors interact with your website, making structured changes and testing the results of those improvements you can dramatically improve sales through your website.

5) Make gradual changes and test proposed improvements

One of the most powerful ways of implementing improvements on a website is what we call A/B Testing. This allows you to have two different versions of a page showing at the same time and compare their effectiveness side by side. This gives you real proof that the strategy being suggested is the best solution for your business and your customers.

MGC Agency has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, analysis and technical implementation that we can bring to your website to supercharge it and ensure that it is your most valuable business asset. By reviewing your current site, analysing your target market and customer we can provide you with a clear strategy, implement it without any disruption to your business or your customers and provide you with continual opportunities for improvement moving forward. Our retainer packages allow you to access this holistic approach whilst controlling your costs. Contact Us to start improving your website and let us make it your best sales asset.