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Introducing A Click and Collect Service to Your E-Commerce Website
Introducing A Click and Collect Service to Your E-Commerce Website

By mgcadmin 7 Nov 2021 4:28pm


Click and collect is becoming more popular with most retailers, especially when it comes to fashion. According to Ampersand’s recent multichannel retail report, 68% offer click & collects for specific categories like this one! Thus, click and collect was a service that gave multichannel retailers an advantage over their online-only counterparts. Still, it’s been reduced thanks to the introduction of offline collection options like Collect+, where shoppers can pick up items from local stores or gas stations.


How Our Ecommerce Websites Adding Additional Value to Customers with Click and Collect?

The click and collect service is a popular eCommerce feature that has been gaining momentum in recent years. Clicking on your cart during payment helps you avoid queuing, which means no more waiting around! To make your customers feel special, eCommerce websites are adding click and collect services. This way, they can order online with no shipping fee or wait for the product at home before picking it up in-store – completely free!


What Makes a Good Click and Collect Service?

Click and collect services provide customers with one-stop shopping by allowing them to pick up their order at any retailer’s store. The following are some key features that distinguish this type of online shopping experience:


Clear Promotion on Site

When customers decide to buy, it can be a factor, so it makes sense to promote the click and collect service.


Use In-Store Inventory for Convenience and Speed 

Sometimes click and collect services are simply delivering orders to a local store for pick up. However, the best of these use in-store inventory. So, customers can search through the shelves or pick up items quickly without having them ship from afar. It’s also an advantage for retailers who have stock available right away, which means their costs on fulfilling an order will be lower than if another vendor outside your company jurisdiction fulfilled it—and this is key when you’re trying not only to attract new shoppers but keep loyal ones happy too!


Offer Alternatives to In-Store Collection

Retailers are always looking for a way to make life easier. For example, in-store pick-up is a pain. So retailers have started providing alternatives like Amazon’s lockers in railway stations or shopping malls so shoppers can go there instead of going all the way back home after buying something at their local store!


Make it Free

Click and collect is an excellent service, but retailers have to ensure no hidden costs. Most businesses offer their customers the chance for free click-and-collect at stores across Europe. However, some companies charge extra on top just because they can!


Make it Mobile

To appeal to a growing number of mobile shoppers, click and collect needs to work just as well on their phones. Brands like Superdry have already proven this by making it easy for them with fast collection times while offering the same service online or in stores.

Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular to use in shopping. With the rise of location data, smartphones can find nearby pick-up points and provide directions for shoppers looking for their next item!


Pay Online or In-Store

Online and in-store payment methods have been conflicting with each other for a long time now. Online retailers get potential customers to commit, but only if they pay before collection, which is good because that way, there can be less risk of losing a customer who has reserved something from you online without collecting them personally at the store their arrival date.

On the flip side, reservation holders may not turn up when it comes down to choosing days closest similar enough as well as location options, making collecting items easier too instead of having them select beforehand by yourself or someone else!


Make It Simple to Find Collect Items by Clicking on Them

The click and collect option is a must for any e-commerce site. It can help customers feel more comfortable buying online. Especially, if they do not see the item at their local store or don’t know how much space an item takes up in comparison with other things already stored there

This doesn’t mean that all sites need this feature. But it should offer on every occasion where someone can purchase something directly from your brand page!


Make Store Purchasing Simple and Easy

It’s essential to make it as smooth of a process. Considering the number-one cause for abandoned carts is too tricky or long checkout experience. Also, in many cases, customers have no idea about availability until they try adding items during their purchase, which increases the risk that leads them away from completing an order entirely!


Provide Text Alerts

Text alerts are a great way to keep customers in the loop and remind them about their orders. In addition, providing your mobile number can be helpful when you arrive at one of our collection points, as it allows us more information on where exactly that device is located!

A customer is more likely to return if they know what their shipping address should be. It’s also helpful at the time of order confirmation and reminder emails. Include this information in on-site or email correspondence with customers so that when someone misses an instruction, it can quickly bring up again!


Work on the In-Store Experience

Retailers who want to create a memorable in-store experience should pay attention to simple things. Like clearly signposting the locations of collection points. This way, customers can easily find their accessories or other items. At the same time, they’re browsing through stores and deciding. If it’s worth spending more money on something that caught their eye just moments before!



With the rise of eCommerce and digital marketing. Customers are no longer satisfied with just buying a product. Consumers now want to interact with products before they buy them to make sure that they’re getting exactly what they want. This is an area where click and collect services have been gaining traction.

By making it easy for the customer to get their hands on your products. Without having to leave home or office. You can increase conversions and sales by upselling other items in your store at the same time. Want more information? Give us a call, and we will help answer any questions you may have about this service how it could work for your business today!