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Icarmats eCommerce, Fast Customisation, Furious Delivery
Icarmats eCommerce, Fast Customisation, Furious Delivery

By mgcadmin 15 Sep 2019 5:02pm

iCarmats is a Magento installation for a company provide custom car mats with a range of finishes and the option of adding user-defined embroidery.
The company has an existing website that has a great deal of functionality developed over a long time. Replicating this functionality in a standard eCommerce system while delivering the flexibility necessary for this client was the biggest technical challenge in this project and required some high-quality coding skills. Our team were able to take on these challenges and deliver a system that provides much more than the client had previously on a website that is both responsive and secure.



To provide the ability to customise the car mats, our team developed highly personalised code as well as handling complex pricing schemas. For useability pricing schema templates were delivered to the client so that he can implement any changes in the future with little effort. Multiple extensions were applied to the Magento system and configured carefully.


“The iCarmats website is completely customisable and needed an experienced team to do this. MGC delivered all aspects required to a high level with clear communication professionalism.”


At the forefront of our work on the administrative panel of the system was ensuring ease of use while providing all of the functionality required. The system also includes custom reports and extended standard product upload and download functionality. To provide the additional reports and product catalogue functions required custom coding. Our developers ensured that our code integrated into the standard dashboard seamlessly to give a consistent look and feel for the administrative user.

Our project management team informed the client of project progress throughout as well as providing options to resolve business issues and discussing requirements and changing priorities. By working closely with our client on projects done under waterfall methodology, we can ensure that although the system is only seen at the end when finally delivered there is still a clear understanding of the quantity of work completed and outstanding.


If you are looking for a custom Magento 2 build, please feel free to contact us. We are experts in design and development and provide the technical expertise required to meet your expectations.