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We launch the UK’s Premier Ski & Snowboard Agent

By mgcadmin 27 Aug 2019 9:28am

Here at MGC Agency, we have a great deal of experience working with highly technical applications. In the case of Get Me To The Alps this includes custom API, 3rd Party APIs, complex code and a challenging technical environment of multiple custom-built objects.

Taking the view that customer delivery was the primary focus the decision was taken to employ a SCRUM methodology of project management. This project management style asks your team to work with your requirements in the same way as a rugby team work their way up the pitch. All members of the team contributing to the project’s success, all empowered and motivated to deliver at their absolute best. By using short development sprints of a week and prioritising the items the client wants most to be delivered first this form of project management energises the team and helps the client see positive progress at all stages of the project. SCRUM/Agile is the most popular form of project management today, and as such our project management team are actively working towards internationally recognised certifications to keep their skills at the top of their field.

The technical architecture of this application posed some unique challenges, with a custom API on an AWS, multiple administrative dashboards and a custom website pulling together a diagram of how data flows from one place was vital before creating a new staging system. By giving ourselves a discrete environment to develop, test and demonstrate it opens up the project to being more transparent as well as ensuring robust solutions are offered first time every time. By utilising the experience of the development team, our server support personnel and our project management team this highly complex application, we recreated a separate system available for full end-to-end testing 24/7. Like all sites we host it is on a server with a  99% guaranteed uptime, fully backed up with complex firewalls.



Ultimately though, it’s all about the client. These things are all put into place so that customer delight is always at the forefront of what we do. We don’t want solely to satisfy the client’s requirements, we want to exceed your expectations, and working with each project using the best methodology to support that specific project and by assigning the exact team we need to each project, we can.



“MGC demonstrated the knowledge and technical ability to develop our website portal, which is crucial to our business. Their expertise and professionalism won us over for us to be compatible to commission such a big and crucial task.”





“The API is now integrating over ten live flight operations giving access to 1000’s of flights and a multitude of live accommodation searches and transfers allowing us to be the UK’s Premier Ski & Snowboard Agent”