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Hitting the executive market with new technology eCommerce
Hitting the executive market with new technology eCommerce

By mgcadmin 8 Aug 2019 3:33pm

Executive Pens is a Magento 2 website that is one of our flagship developments. Created for a client who sells beautiful writing implements with the option of engraving on the products before delivery this site contains some of the most advanced customisations of a Magento 2 website we have thus far completed.

Many of the processes on the website were enhanced to provide the absolute best possible customer journey as well as ensuring that the administrative work in the back end of the system was as simple as possible. By installing multiple extensions and then further enhancing them with custom code, we delivered a website, unlike any other. The performance, the quality and the secure framework behind the scenes are unique, and only our development team could have delivered this within the timeframe available for this project.









Further, we developed this intending to use the principles underpinning the best of what we delivered to this client in future Magento 2 websites. By using a project retrospective to analyse the lessons learned on the Executive Pens project we can bring the benefits of this project to prospective clients, allowing us to offer not just the interests of Magento 2 but the benefits of functionality for those eCommerce shops unique to our agency.