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Emergency Identification Mobile App for vulnerable people suffering from Dementia
Emergency Identification Mobile App for vulnerable people suffering from Dementia

By mgcadmin 10 Jun 2022 3:09pm

The Identification Mobile App addresses a need for technology that quickly identifies vulnerable people, particularly those with dementia.

The App helps take the worry of loved ones by enabling them to register their details for quick identification by emergency services.

When emergency services find a vulnerable person who is confused and is unidentifiable, then a simple scan of the face using the phone camera scans the database for a match through facial recognition.

Why do people with dementia go missing?

People with dementia are more likely to go missing in areas where road networks are dense, complicated and disordered.

Around 40,000 people with dementia go missing for the first time every year in the UK – this figure is likely to grow with the projected increase in dementia.

Unfortunately, the first event when people with dementia go missing comes entirely out of the blue, when doing such routine activities as going for a walk with the dog or getting the newspaper from the local shop.

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How does the App help.

The app is built to be as easy as possible to use. But gaining the permission of the vulnerable person, contactable details can be added, such as an address, next of kin and doctors’ surgery.

Once the account is active, they are live on the app. Should at some time the vulnerable person be in need, the emergency services can quickly identify them using the app to recognise their face and return contact details.

Aiding the public and the emergancy services

The App is built to aid two types of users. The first is for the emergency services, which allows them to identify people and get them the help they need quickly.

The next is for the public who come across a vulnerable person and need to help identify them and contact the relevant emergency services.

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Our passion is to change lives through digital.

When a person with dementia goes missing, it can have life-threatening consequences. But very little is known about what actually causes people with dementia to go missing.