How MGC Agency can Benefit your Business as a Digital Consultancy

By Ryan Metcalfe 9 Feb 2020 3:49pm

The UK leads the march when it comes to digital innovation, output and growth; according to tech commentators, it is now the digital capital of Europe. In 2016, UK digital tech investment reached a staggering £6.8 billion and has grown since then.
So, there are loads of digital businesses out there ready to help your business grow. Unfortunately, there are also a large number of digital businesses who want to use your business to grow theirs and this potentially leads to your business stagnating and you paying for services you don’t need or don’t receive.

It can certainly be a minefield; however, we are here to help. With over 20 years’ experience within the digital sector, we are well placed to guide you and your business to a digital nirvana. As a digital consultant, we don’t consult your business in the traditional sense. Instead, we help you with how and where your business should exist digitally. The digital space encompasses anything that is connected online such as websites, mobile phones, networks, and many other options that currently exist or will be invented soon.

Think of it like you want to build an extension on your house. If you’re not a builder, it is still possible to build the extension, but chances are it would be difficult, and things would go wrong. So, you decide to hire professionals, leaving you facing the task of finding a plumber, plasterer, architect, electrician, roofer and so many more and once you’ve found them you need to negotiate a price. The solution, of course, is a contractor who understands your project and is well connected with the appropriate tradespeople. This process streamlines the process and optimises spend and pretty guarantees a successful outcome.
A digital consultancy operates in a similar way they get to know your business and then advise you on the best solution for digital success. As the contractor on a building project knows the requirements and has the contacts to ease the project the digital consultant operates in a similar fashion.

There are multiple benefits to a digital consultant but here are five clear reasons they are great for your business
1. Digital Consultants are up to date on digital
It’s hard to keep up with the world of digital you finally get the hang of one thing and then another appears, and everyone tells you the thing you have mastered is no longer relevant. As digital consultants, we will always be up to date on industry changes and will know what the best digital solutions for your business are. That’s right digital is not a one size fits all industry or more basically put Facebook is not for every business. The online landscape changes in the blink of an eye, and it can be difficult to keep up with. You should focus on your business. As digital consultants, we will focus on how digital changes affect your business and let you know how to act accordingly.
2. Digital Consultants have the experience that gets results
Your business needs to execute the right strategy for optimum results it does not need to write the strategy. To write a strategy you need to fully understand the market and offering. You are the experts in your business you should not be expected to be the experts in other businesses such as digital. We are best placed to provide you with a strategy that you and your team can execute for maximum impact.
3. Digital Consultants understand your competition
Very few businesses have the luxury of being out there on their own as the only business in their field. Since this is so infrequently the case it’s important to consider your competition.
Are they doing something that you are not or are you doing something that they do not do they provide a service that available online or can you provide a service that they don’t? A big one is Google rankings controlled through search engine optimisation. If your competitors are more effectively using this then for every potential client searching for your service on Google, they are in front of them before you. Within our digital consultancy, we will conduct competitive research to see where your top competitors are investing their time and money and let you know if it’s worth it for you to keep pace. Companies can lose or gain big time when making the decision to jump into a new technology or not engaging in a platform when competitors are.
4. Digital Consultants understand the technology
Don’t know your WordPress from your Magento? Rest assured we do, and it is our job to help you understand the best foundation for where you are now, and also what you want to be doing down the road. Building on the right foundation with clean code will enable you to easily add on the functionality you wanted to add initially but waited to do so for 18 months. Ensuring that you’re building on the right technology will save you a significant amount of money and many headaches when you suddenly realise that the site you built for marketing purposes isn’t capable of doing what you want it to, and now you need to build from scratch all over again.
5. A Digital Consultant can be part of your business
As the world continues to change and move online, you’ll need digital consultancy services more and more. Find a partner you can trust whose speciality is making your business succeed online. Ensure that you’re using the latest technologies to streamline your workflow, that you’re using the right outlets and platforms to engage your key influencers and customers. And to always be there when you have a question about what your business should do or where you should be online. A good consultant should become your trusted partner.
We believe that here at MGC Agency we are best placed to partner your business with 20 year’s experience in making small businesses big and big businesses bigger. We treat our clients’ businesses like they are own and we get results.