Our aim is to make you money, while giving you the best possible experience. We deal in the afters, we deal in your return, and we deal in your trust.

Put simply; we make you money while providing you with the best possible experience. How? We deal in the afters, we deal in your return, and we deal in your trust.

MGC Agency was created to give a service that focused on delivering the afters. We have worked in the digital sector for over 20 years, during that time we have found that one of the most common denominations is how your digital is designed. Whether a website, mobile app or social media, the focus is often based on the look and design. While this is important, it forms the basis of customer experience after all, what we know our clients really want is the afters. How much return will they be making from digital?

At our first consultation meeting with you, we make sure to delve into the core of what your business really is. What are your most profitable sales? How will you scale? Who are your customers? Where are your customers? And perhaps the most crucial question; what is your drive and ambition?

We believe there needs to be complete transparency between us and our clients, in order for our strategies to yield the best results.

We work differently to other agencies; we’re business savvy. We have built and run successful businesses, and know what you want to get out of any spend.  We work closely with our clients throughout every step, giving experienced advice, with every penny spent taken into consideration. We work differently to other agencies, and it puts us above the rest.

Expert Advice

At MGC, we work with you from business creation to sale - developing fundamental elements, based on data, to bring success. We are also business savvy. We combine marketing, development and business coaching, to give you the best possible outcome. We are a fully rounded and industry leading agency.

Client Offering,
Cost Per Sale

We understand that the ultimate goal for any company is to increase sales and profitability, and so at MGC this is what we aim to help you achieve. Not only do we look at the customers online experience, but also the inner workings of your business; what is the cost per sale, how much profit do you make per item or services and how much do you need to sell in order to achieve your goals. We appreciate full honesty from your end, as working openly together is what yields the best results.

Targeting Market
Where are your

Before we get started, we make sure we know your target market inside and out. Knowing how they search, and what motivates them to buy means we can then tailor everything we do towards you and your business. We use our experience to create emotional hooks in order to increase sales and hit your goals. We also ensure your business website is tailored to your audiences needs, in turn increasing interactivity and communication.

Buying Choice,
Why Buy
From You?

When it comes to your website copy, we put the correct information directly in front of your potential customers in order to make that sale. We work with you to create enticing, but business appropriate, USPs, offers and other buying incentives. When we finish, there should be no reason for your potential customers not to turn in to actual customers.

Digital Build,
Building the right

We have over 20 years experience developing the correct digital solutions for our customers. We don't re-invent the wheel; we keep it simple. We explain our process, what makes financial sense for you and build an online presence that has the foundations to grow.


Every aspect of your digital presence builds up to one thing, our overall strategy on how to reach your customers and increase your profit. We deliver clear and effective strategies, and add value, with no hidden agendas. Just advice to help your business grow.

Monitored And

At MGC, we work with clients in the long term. We want to be involved with the full journey, including those all important afters post-build. We monitor all activity on your development, including enquiries and interactions, allowing us to be proactive in making changes to aid your growth. Just think of us as your in house development, sales and advisory team, creating tests needed to produce results.

Gain and Results

When you work with us you can be assured that we will deliver on our promises to you. We hit expectations, deadlines and budgets everytime. We aim to build trust and confidence, and deliver you the results you’re looking for.

Delighted Clients

We are business leaders in digital. Our team have the business experience to offer effective development and growth advice, based on real results. We don’t base our advice on the latest marketing trend. We recommend tried and tested strategies, based on high return through digital. Whether you are looking for a Website, Mobile App or Marketing/Business Strategy, we plan with maximising your profit in mind. During our first consultation meeting with you, we get to fully understand you and your business. We look at your goals, your successes so far, and size up the competition. Once we’ve considered allaspects, we advise the best strategy to enable your business to grow and increase profits. All of our plans are tailored to your business and industry. We always look to build long-lasting client relationships, aiming to build trust and always meet expectations on everything we do.