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4.9 out of 5


Accumulator King – IOS and Android Mobile App

Chris Nessbit - Owner

Accumulator King owes its success to MGC, the game-changers who rescued our failed mobile app. After a disappointing first attempt by previous developers, MGC's unwavering commitment and dedication to fixing issues without pushing for a costly rebuild sets them apart. MGC's ongoing support and development ensure we're on the winning side.


The Fustration

We partnered with Accumulator King to tackle the onboarding process for both the iOS and Android apps. Our approach began with obtaining all the necessary code, ensuring that every piece was present and accounted for. We then integrated the code into our development environment, setting the stage for a productive collaboration. Together, we established a clear and concise list of development priorities, a roadmap to address the persistent issues that had been a source of constant frustration.


Accumulator King


IOS and Android Mobile App




We collaborated with Accumulator King to streamline onboarding for our iOS and Android apps. We obtained and integrated the code, establishing a clear roadmap for addressing ongoing issues efficiently.

Impressive Response Rate: Resolving Client Issues with Efficiency.

We take pride in our exceptional response rate when it comes to resolving client issues with efficiency.
Here is one of our latest client problems resolved:

The client reported a problem with their e-commerce.

Our support team response.

Response Time
26 minutes

Issue Resolved

Response to client

Total time from the problem being reported to being resolved.
5 Hours, 47 minutes

Finding a technical company that could fix our app instead of starting from scratch was a huge relief.

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What have we achieved and what are we currently providing

Accumulator King is a monthly process that involves ongoing development and support. The MGC are addressing various issues such as push notification errors, feature errors, incorrect point tally totals, duplicated listings, and standings. Due to the improper development of many functions, the app has been challenging. MGC continuously reviews the code to ensure that it is as efficient as possible and functions as expected.


Ongoing Support

MGC has consistently supported Accumulator King, diligently addressing existing faults and bugs in the mobile app. We remain readily available to tackle any emerging issues every week, ensuring a seamless user experience. Furthermore, we proactively reduced monthly expenses by migrating Accumulator King to a more cost-effective hosting provider, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to their success.

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