Website Design and Development

Web Design and Development.

Building your biggest business asset.

When developing a website for a client, MGC use all our business experience to design and develop a true representation of your brand and more importantly what your target clients are looking for. We are not all about the pretty pictures, we are about building bigger businesses.

Let’s be clear. We work with businesses of all sizes which are serious about growth with the aim of turning every £1 you pay us into £3 for your business.

That’s what drives us.


We are passionate about growth and return on investment, bringing together a tailored mix of the industry’s finest digital business minds to design and drive your company online. First taking the logical steps to find out: who are your customers? what do they like about of your business? who is your target market and what will put you to the forefront of their attention? And the most important of all, how will you make money?

When working with MGC, you are not working with fresh out of university students, graphic designers who have stumbled into the online market or Mark Zuckerberg wannabes. You are working with business development professionals each with over 15 years experience in building brands, building company structure and making your website one of the biggest assets of your business.

When working with MGC, we treat you like your our only client. You will have a dedicated accounts manager on hand with what ever you need to make working with us as easy as possible. On every occasion we will look to take any stress or rigorous work away from you.

Better still we work on a fixed cost basis. What we agree with you is what you will get. A project on time and hassle free.

Easy to manage and with no hidden costs down the line, a website from MGC will become your greatest business asset.

It's crucial your website is mobile ready

We are working more and more with clients who have websites that are not mobile ready. With over 60% of your customers now browsing through mobile devices you could have the the best website online but it cannot be seen. With Google now penalising none mobile sites in their rankings it is a must for any business.

At MGC we build all websites mobile ready as standard allowing you to capitalise fully on your market, increase sales and build a bigger business.
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  • MGC provides an intelligent and innovative approach to the projects presented to them. MGC suggested a number of potential solutions to enable the most suitable choice. They produce excellent results, on time and at a reasonable cost. Highly recommended!
    Manoj Vimalassery – Zurich Airport
  • "MGC demonstrates the very best skills available in on-line web strategy and web site development. For most of us in business when we invest in any form of marketing one outcome we need to see is an increase in bottom line profitability, MGC make that happen. If you want the to position your brand online and gain maximum advantage get them on board."
    Debra Maiden –
  • “ MGC backs up with action what he says in words, his clients business always comes first which is clearly reflected in his clients growing their businesses, especially through a time when we have all been under siege from a media led recession. If MGC can help companies thrive during an economic downturn, its a no brainer to use their ecommerce talents as the market turns.”
    Jeff Matthews – IQ property Investments
  • “MGC built me a website 3 years ago that is still held up as one of the best in our industry. Up to 50% of our new business comes from e mail enquiries from our site. Business coaches within dentistry use our website as an example of what to aim for. Last year we won Best Marketing in the UK as a direct result of the site created for us.”
    Marcos White – Courtyard Cosmetic Dentist