Understanding how to leverage your social media content for your marketing strategy is essential. MGC will gain an understanding of your business and culture then funnel this content across your social media channels.

We will work alongside you and develop your social media strategy in terms of what exactly you want to achieve, for example, build relationships, brand awareness, or increase sales. Following our investigations we will distribute your core messages through creative content writing dependant upon the channels required aimed at your target audience.

We will look at which social networks you should be using, there isn’t a “one size fits all” situation in social media marketing and we understand this. Where you have a presence really does depend on who you are there to market to. We will also help you understand why this is important, as well as giving you hints and tips as to how to use each network to its full potential.

Embracing social media isn’t just a bit of fun. It’s a vital way to communicate, keep your ear to the ground and improve your business.

— Sir Richard Branson

What you can expect:

Core sales messages about your business. The who, what, where etc

Testimonials about your company.

Promotion of specific products or services that you want us to focus on.

Links to your YouTube channel and videos within it or any other social media channels.

Relevant hashtags to encourage new traffic and followers.

URL links back to your website to drive traffic.

Aimed at your target audience.

Hints, tips, facts and trivia about your industry.

Up to three images per week in a branded template

(examples available on request)

Optional generic filler tweets (on Twitter) Un-relevant to the industry (We find these to be engaging )

Content scheduled for five days of the week (you decide which days) but the content is scheduled 7 days in advance. This allows you to see it before it is published, edit it, tweak it, add to it and you can use our platform to do your own ADHOC posts across multiple channels.

Think your business is ready for social media?

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