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The Benefits of E-Commerce

Increase in revenue - A business that uses an e-commerce website typically makes more sales than it did when it did not use one. An increase of around 250% is standard for a company taking the plunge.   Easy to set up - All you need to do if your website is on WordPress is add a plug-in. The benefits also come in almost instantly. &nb

The Rise on Digital in the....

As the world’s digital industry continues to grow, the north east is no exception. More than 50% of today’s jobs require some knowledge of technology and this figure is expected to rise to 77% in a decade, so it is more important than ever for young people to learn some of these skills to avoid being left ‘on the shelf’ as such when it come

What is business consultancy....

The role of a business consultant A business consultant is there to give you a helping hand in running your business. They are experts in what a business needs to run and they can help you diagnose what your business needs. Some of the things that they can do for you include, but are not limited to; developing a business plan, creating a marketi

How Useful Actually is Social....

Everyone knows that a business needs marketing, but how important is social media in promoting your company to the masses? With 90% of businesses stating that social media marketing is important to them, what is making these digital methods of brand promotion so popular? In this entry, I am going to look at some of the advantages and disadvantage

8 of the Most Common Mistakes....

Relying on a Free Website Builder This is a common mistake that small business owners make when they are trying to save on the cost of using a digital agency to build their website. If you can build your own website in minutes, then the chances are that it is going to have issues. Building a proper website takes time and expertise, it isn’t as