Introduction is a dedicated driving and logistics industry hub website that makes everyone’s task simpler, more cost-efficient and a great deal more effective. Low-cost membership gives you full access to the pool of drivers and vacancies available across the UK, as well as unlimited posts on our dedicated driver job board. We are completely independent and have no connections with, or affiliations to, any agencies or transport and logistics businesses. Quite simply, we are making the process of hiring and supplying the right drivers faster, easier and far less stressful.


"MGC developed our website from the ground up, from initial functions to multiple revenue streams"

The Brief

We were contacted by right from the start, we helped with the brief writing and website development plans to make sure the website development would be right for the target market and the experience of the client. The website development had to gain traction fast due to the ambition of the client, so a full digital marketing strategy needed to be produced to include Social Media, Facebook Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation as well as strong visuals for the layout design.

The Strategy

Researching Google Search Engine Optimisation terms gave us a real insight into the target market and what potential customers were looking for. We looked at other leading jobs boards in many different sectors, taking on board the good and bad of what browsers demanded in searching and applying. A strong focus was made on the browser journey to find exactly what was searched for. Social Media marketing plays a key role promoting to both customers and clients, Twitter and LinkedIn campaigns have been used, as well as email marketing and AdSense. Facebook Advertising has been a major contributor to the growth of the Website Development.

The Outcome

Locateadriver has become one of the UK’s largest transport and logistics hub. From the early stages of release, digital marketing was attracting over 20,000 new driver enquiries and we saw sign-ups increase to an audience of 12,000. From the start, we worked with the client to create multiple revenue streams to aid growth and development

MGC demonstrates the very best skills available in on-line Website Development strategy and Website Development. For most of us in business when we invest in any form of Digital Marketing one outcome we need to see is an increase in bottom line profitability.